Open up a whole new experience for candidates & clients

Reduce your admin by making elements of your CRM externally facing. So you can transparently collaborate with candidates, clients and suppliers in one secure portal.

Process Clarity

Empower your clients and candidates to own key parts of the process by allowing them to access and amend your CRM data in a secure, customised portal.

  • Customised to client
  • White labelled
  • Dual branded
  • Permission based
  • Multi-access

Make life easy for your candidates and they’ll keep coming back.

Making processes more efficient and allowing for self-service will improve the experience for your candidates and consultants with features like:

  • Update candidate profiles and preferences
  • Submit timesheets
  • Submit compliance documents
  • Search relevant Jobs
  • View their candidate history
  • Communicate with Chatter

Better client collaboration strengthens relationships

If you want to retain the business you win you need to work in ways that support your clients and make their lives easier. Features that will make you sticky:

  • Share shortlists
  • Interview feedback
  • Compliant data sharing
  • Approve Timesheets
  • Quick create Jobs
  • Custom reports e.g EDI data

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