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Case Study: Proco Group

Proco Group is a global executive search business operating solely across the end-to-end supply chain and commodities markets.

We have offices in Hong Kong, Singapore, Brighton, London, Mexico City and New York.

We spoke to Sharon Everall, Group IT Manager at Proco Group about her experience with Seven20.


Where Did Your Journey Begin?

“Prior to Seven20 we were using a legacy CRM (Access / Profile RPM) which was suitable to us when we started fifteen years ago. However, since then, the developments have been nearly non-existent meaning it didn’t have the capacity to grow with us and our process and market needs. Since the system was hard coded we had to adapt our work processes around a system rather than the other way around. The lack of intuitive development and limitations associated with this server-based CRM had a costly impact on our business. Although the solution had a cheap pay-per-user model, the system was uncustomisable meaning it’s speed and lack of functionality had a higher cost to the business in terms of productivity.”

Where Did You Go Next?

“After years with a dinosaur CRM we did a very thorough review of the options available on the market and settled on Seven20 and we couldn’t be happier! Seven20 stood out to us for various reasons. Firstly, it was completely customisable, built on the Salesforce infrastructure, we are able to work with our project timelines and met every one of our process needs. What we really liked about Seven20 was the bespoke projects (multiple people within a project), hotlists, analytics, being at the forefront of change within the system and having a leading voice within the Seven20 customer community. With Seven20 which is built on Salesforce, we can have everyone in the same system. We have also removed the need for excel and hidden data, due to the visibility of data we can work more collaboratively with our clients and accurately with speed to market.”

How Did You Find The Process?

“No Regrets! The communication has been consistent and open, they have taken on our feedback and further developed the product and most importantly our consultants are loving it! Absolutely no regrets in selecting Seven20, I would highly recommend it to any sized recruitment business out there. With Seven20 being totally customisable it mirrors our internal technology which means that embedding Seven20 within the business has kept our user adoption high which is really important to us.”

How About The Customer Service? 

“One of the best things about Seven20 and working with the Seven20 team is their constant support and quality of service. Moving onto this platform has been such a wonderful experience! With our business having specific types of needs, the team at Seven20 are always on hand to provide the best support, often taking in feedback, and partnering with us to get the upgrades and improvements made to fit our requirements. When in doubt, I reach out to them and within a very quick time, they will respond with either a solution or questions that help them fully understand the issue I’m trying to solve and suggest and work with me for the solution that best fits. Highly recommend!”

What Was The Result?

“Changing our CRM to Seven20 has allowed our global business to work collaboratively within one system contributing to user adoption and see real-time updates and data entry. We have seen huge improvements in the ability to manipulate data in a quick and efficient manner, data capture such as einstein activity capture (email sync) and the speed at which we can navigate around the system.

The biggest impact we have seen on our business is the ability to have real-time MI which has allowed us to make proactive and informed business decisions. We also have a monthly retain which allows us to implement ongoing change requests and new business processes making the overall process that much easier”.