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CRM/ATS Built on Salesforce - World's #1 CRM Platform

Seven20 takes Recruitment Agencies to the next level

Streamline the Recruitment Process

Upload CV
Search & Match Candidates
Submit Candidates
Manage Offers & Placements
Arrange Interviews
Track Applications
Timesheet Management
Upload CV
Instantly parse key information from CVs to save you time
Search & Match Candidates
Match candidates to jobs and vice versa at the click of a button
Submit Candidates
Easily send candidates to jobs with Seven20 by auto-populating fields to streamline the process
Manage Offers & Placements
Create Offers and Placements to help you track past, due and future revenue
Arrange Interviews
Book interviews that sync with your calendar, giving you an overview of your candidates
Track Applications
Log activity on candidates throughout the application process and monitor how far along each candidate gets in the interview process
Timesheet Management
Track timesheets for Contracts on either a Daily or Hourly basis. Margins and profit are auto-calculated from the timesheet
Instantly create and track invoices to give you a clear overview of your agency's financial situation

Back Office Features

Perfect for growing Recruitment Agencies. A few of the many benefits of being built on the Salesforce Platform are:


Salesforce security features help you empower your users to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Salesforce limits exposure of data to the users that act on it


A System that can grow with you from day one. Salesforce has the capacity to scale to the largest of teams. We scale as rapidly as our customers require


Tailor the software to your needs. Everyone works in a different way so we help you make sure Seven20 is tailored to your needs



Use Reports & Dashboards to gain visual insights into your Agency allowing you to make critical business decisions to maximise your performance



Automate emails, reminders, tasks and so much more with Seven20's automation features



Maximise your time when traveling between meetings by accessing Seven20 on the go with the mobile app



Customise your portal for how your business needs it most. Use it for contractors to manage their timesheets and for candidates to apply for jobs


Email & Calendar Sync

Creating interviews and meetings will show up in Seven20 and your personal calendar so you can plan your day with confidence

Pay Monthly


a month/user (excl. VAT)

Pay Annually


a month/user (excl. VAT)

Volume Based Pricing


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Seven20’s Pricing

We provide all our customers with a thorough onboarding process. This includes; customising the software to the way you work and providing onsite training to all your Users when you go live!

Seven20's Key Partners


Seven20 is built on Salesforce, the World's #1 CRM Platform. Streamline, automate and mobilise all your business processes


Bring voice to Seven20 with Aircall. Make calls instantly, auto create activity and monitor performance to improve your team's productivity


Enhance Seven20 with intelligent, integrated, highly accurate, multilingual data capture, parsing, searching and matching


Empaua are one of the fastest growing Salesforce partners in Europe. They work with Seven20 as an implementation partner

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