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Case Study: Strategic Solution Partners

Strategic Solution Partners is a seasoned industry expert hotel and hospitality consulting company specializing in task force support, revenue management services, sales lead generation and business development, and operations support including pre-opening critical path guidance for new builds, as well as management company and flag changes.

We spoke to Andre Link, Director of Operations at Strategic Solution Partners about his experience with Seven20.


Why did you look at moving to Seven20? What was the pain point? What did you want to achieve?
  • “We valued the Salesforce ecosystem and infrastructure, but felt we needed to partner with experts who could create the system to support our unique and specific business needs.”
What type of recruitment do you service?
  • Temporary management placements within the Hospitality industry”
How has Seven20 helped with this type of recruitment? What was customised to suit their company?
  • “We have completely customised our Seven20 to work with our bespoke processes, which allows us to segment our candidates and clients in a unique way to be able to recruit at speed and en mass. Seven20 built us a job portal, allowing us to advertise our jobs through our website and manage applications that parse back into Seven20.”
Do you feel supported with your company’s growth? Is Seven20 growing with you?
  • “Seven20 is an extension of our business and we collaborate with them for every business need which has allowed us to grow and scale as needed.”
What features did you like from seven20? How did they make a difference?
  • “Seven20 was the only company to take time to understand our unique needs. They created a system that was simple but added defined granularity when required which gives our users a great experience while capturing key data.”



What issues were you having with a previous CRM? What impact was that having on your business? Tangible? Cost?
  • “Our previous solution did not marry our two business processes; that of managing our business and that of managing our marrying the right candidate to the right client. This meant that many tasks were manual”
How has the change in CRM helped you? What has been improved?
  • “By allowing us to manage both of our business processes (client management & candidate management), we are now able to respond to client needs far more efficiently and with greater success”
How did you find implementation?
  • “The Seven20 implementation team takes took their time to understand our business, our needs and helped frame a solution to address all of our needs. No other solution was willing to provide such a high level of customisation”
How is your customer service? Success & Support?
  •  Our support team are very engaged in ensuring our success. They partner with us to identify areas of development to enhance our system and create efficiencies in our processes. Our Customer Success Manager is very attentive, understanding and responsive. They are always one step ahead of our needs!